Customer-Centric Culture

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H&W Printing: Committed to a Customer-Centric Culture

Imagine a consumer experience where the customer actually comes first. Where customer’s goals are thoroughly understood; every project treated as a number one priority, and every marketing need anticipated. Hard to imagine? At H&W, our goal is to meet all of those expectations and more. From pre-sale to project completion and beyond, we are committed to a customer-centric culture — to putting our customers at the heart of every transaction.

It takes more than just personalized service and excellent products to achieve a positive consumer experience. A true customer-centric culture requires a companywide commitment to the following principles:

Understanding customers: Customer-centricity begins and ends with putting the customer’s viewpoint and goals first–to give them what they want rather than what you may want to sell them. Truly understanding a customer’s needs not only leads to a better outcome for all but gives businesses the opportunity to offer goods and services clients may not have considered, and to anticipate their future needs. Putting the customer front and center not only provides them with outstanding service but is crucial to building customer loyalty.

Designing the experience: So how does a company move from providing good customer service to truly committing to a customer-centric culture? One way is by designing the flow of processes in a way that puts the customer first. At H&W, each and every customer is assigned a dedicated account service team. From pre-sale awareness to post-production, our account services team oversee and guide the flow of individual projects through our system. Constant communication with clients and the front lines enables the account services team the ability to offer solutions and suggestions with the client’s needs in mind.

Customer focused leadership: Managers and department heads are the ultimate gatekeepers of a customer-centric culture. They are responsible for cultivating the customer-at-the-heart philosophy on a day to day basis by instilling and enforcing core customer service values with frontline staff and by ensuring customer centered outcomes. Through communication with project managers and others, customer-focused leaders keep the operational processes flowing smoothly, resulting in high production values, goals met, and a positive experience for consumers.

Empowering the front lines: Whether it’s at point of sale or the billing department, every frontline team member impacts customer service in some way. H&W’s commitment to a customer-centric culture means that we hire, orient and train with customer-first principles in mind. And, crucially, we empower our frontline staff with the knowledge and tools they need to confidently make on-the-spot decisions on the customer’s behalf.

Inviting feedback for continuous improvement: You can’t be customer-centric without listening to what customers have to say. These days it’s not enough to use generic rating systems and questionnaires–customer-centric feedback is specific, personalized, and most importantly, acted upon. Passing that feedback along to the front lines through regular meetings and training further enhances a customer first culture.

Making metrics matter: Paying close attention to quantifiable end results allows H&W to focus on specific customer-centric metrics such as buying patterns and consumer retention rates. We use those outcomes to develop processes and services based on what customers really want, as well as to anticipate consumer trends. The end result is a better consumer experience, which in turn inspires customer loyalty.

These principles are what set H&W apart. If you are ready to enjoy the customer experience that H&W can provide, please contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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