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H&W storefronts combine web-to-print, order management and fulfillment into one full-service solution. Ideal for multi-location businesses such as retail stores, franchises, doctor’s offices, or corporate offices, among others, scattered across the U.S. and even the world.

Together, we design and develop a custom site for your employees or franchisees to access. From it, they can swiftly and effortlessly order your branded marketing items from inventory on hand in our secure warehouse; or, simply originate error-proof on-demand printed marketing materials that can be customized to their needs within your guidelines. This eliminates the need to have your staff make edits to templates for multiple locations and makes you more efficient.

It’s easy to get started: Even easier to use. It creates great efficiency by removing the need for one overwhelmed person dealing with multiple daily orders. That task is now in the hands of your marketing partner, H&W. Our custom storefronts provide:


  • » Custom Theme Design
  • » Static & Editable Print Templates
  • » Inventory Management
  • » Apparel & Promotional Items
  • » Full Service Direct Mail
  • » Kitting & Fulfillment Services


Building a storefront, branded to seamlessly integrate as if it were your very own, is much easier than it sounds. As your partner, and as an expert in building reliable, secure web portals for our clients, we lead you every step of the way, and we do all the heavy lifting.

We adhere to a very collaborative approach to building your custom site. We want to make sure we hit every one of your requirements. That’s why we dedicate as much time as needed throughout the process to listen to your thoughts and feedback.

However overwhelming you might think this task is; whatever involvement or confusion you fear this may create; be assured that it is nowhere near as difficult as you might imagine. You are in safe, experienced hands with H&W as your implementation partner.


Do you have multiple business locations and require real-time availability of corporate approved art files? Would you like to offer each of your locations the ability to personalize marketing and sales collateral based on their needs within your brand guidelines?

H&W can assist you in designing and building custom templates that can be used by your employees to originate variable data, production-on-demand printed, promotional or apparel items, with full kitting and fulfillment services. All from a fully customized online storefront!

It’s easier than you might think when you choose to partner with your friends at H&W.

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SITE management

So, we’ve built a custom online storefront for you and now you’re probably asking yourself, who’s going to manage it?

H&W provides full website management services for your storefront. We can handle the images, copywriting, new products, responsive development and more, as well as any technical issues that might arise. Our IT experts are always available to assist you.

Want to manage the storefront yourself? H&W also provides full training and ensures that your site experience is easy and effective from day one. You can always count on us to maintain the integrity of your brand strategies and to adhere to your brand guidelines.

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Combining this expertise with our custom e-commerce solutions provides a worry-free partnership for you. Click here to learn more about our pick, pack and shipping services.


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