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What is Wide Format Printing, and Why Do You Need It?

Consider this: You are a consumer trying to choose between two sandwich shops to visit for lunch. One is plain and drab inside and out, with a single badly hand-lettered menu in the window. The other shop’s window, however, displays a large, vibrant poster depicting a delicious sandwich in close up photographic detail. Inside, a colorful banner declaring the lunch deal of the day hangs above the counter. There’s really no question about which shop you’ll choose, is there? And, if you’re the owner of the second shop, there’s also no question that your bottom line is a lot healthier than the unadorned establishment, all thanks to the marketing power of wide format printed signage.

So, what is wide format printing, and how can your retail business benefit from it?

As the name suggests, wide format printing is a specialized printing process capable of producing larger-than-average images and text on mediums such as posters, banners, trade show displays, wall murals, and other marketing media. Wide format print is typically faster and easier to produce than other printing methods such as screen printing, making it an affordable signage option for small businesses.

Available at commercial printing companies, wide format presses are typically computer controlled, and equipped with outsized print rolls and inkjets that apply either solvent based or UV ink directly onto a surface in one continuous roll, producing photographic quality prints. Fade resistant UV ink is perfect for window and outdoor displays, while solvent-based inks produce a slightly different finish to the product. Besides semi or high gloss paper stock, wide format presses are capable of printing on just about any media, including canvas, vinyl, wood, foam board, and steel, all in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. H&W Printing can help you design your signage, produce the prints in-house, and even deliver them to your business.

In-store signage is often referred to by retail marketing experts as “silent salespeople” because they are crucial to improving sales without any added investment from you.  Static cling labels, standing displays, shelf danglers, and other wide format printed materials draw attention to new, seasonal, or featured items, as well as providing specific information about current sales, promoting special offers, and adding to brand awareness. Not surprisingly, smartly displayed point of purchase signage can directly boost impulse buys as well. Signs that use persuasive messaging or calls to action such as “Available for a limited time only!” or “Buy one, get one free!” are effective ways to create added perceived value to customers, which in turn increases sales.

Just as promotional displays can affect sales, non-promotional signage also has an impact on how consumers view a retail establishment.  Professionally printed wide format signs that provide useful information such as directions to restrooms and checkout counters, or colorful banners that announce special services (“We gift wrap!”) subtly convey the impression of quality service, generating customer loyalty and effectively boosting your business’s bottom line.

The “why” behind the benefits of displaying high-quality signage in your retail business are numerous. As suggested in the opening paragraph, impactful window signage greatly increases an establishment’s walk-in traffic and can be key to creating a first impression–just as a great sign can spark a potential customer’s interest, a misspelling or sloppy graphic can quickly turn them away.

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